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Glossolalia Issue 3: We Agree on Nothing, New Writing from China

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The third issue of Glossolalia, PEN America’s translation magazine, features uncensored fantasy, micro nonfiction, poetry, and more from mainland China. 

Table of Contents


Wang Xiaoni, Class Notes: A Protest MarchThe Effects of Poverty; Translated by Eleanor Goodman
Liang Hong, Henan Village, His Eyeballs Were Out of Their Sockets; Translated by Jeremy Tiang
Li Chengpeng, Dignity; Translated by Eric Abrahamsen


Mu Cao, Bees and Hymns, Fear, Welcome to the AIDS Village, Prophecy, The Old Palace, City of Nightmares, Falling in Love with a Philosopher, Red Book; Translated by Jennifer Feeley
Chi Lingyun, Night Ramble in the Siming Mountains, Snowy Landscape with Birches, Sanctuary, Don't, Capital of Whores, Chilled, I Have No Other Country, In a Brown Forest, I Wear a Belt of Hempen Rope, Great Dragon Pool; Translated by Andrea Lingenfelter


Gu Xiang, The Cat; Translated by Natascha Bruce
Han Song, The Right to Be Invisible; Translated by Ken Liu
Sheng Tie, Xiao Li's Dilemma; Translated by Dave Haysom


Qiu Zhijie, Map of the Travelers, Map of Social Relationship 

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